Thanks to the video cycling app Fulgaz some of the best bike rides in Tigray are now available for cyclists to try out as an indoor cycling session from your own living room or bike garage.

The rides include the 12km climb out of Adigrat and the 20km descent from Hagere Selam towards Mekelle and were filmed by Welsh cyclist David Harrison on a recent tour to Ethiopia arranged by Ethio Cycling Holidays.

The Hagere Selam ride was ridden by a group led by ECH owner Tsgabu Grmay where, according to Ride Media magazine, the riders “pedal with such fury that it’s easy to forget that many of them are on fat-tyred, heavy mountain bikes”, while the riders are complimented for their “impressive” pace.

Fulgaz was set up by Australian Digital Strategist Mike Clucas. Thanks to his ingenuity and Harrison’s determination to ride some of the best climbs in Ethiopia, road cycling adventures in Ethiopia have moved a step closer to the international cycling world.

The rides on Fulgaz can be found here.