Ethio Cycling Holidays has announced plans to incorporate a new cycling route to the Afar region into one of its cycling tours.

The 132km ride starts at the junction of the main highway leading south from Mekelle with the road heading east past the wind turbines at Ashegoda and passes through the towns of Abala and Desia.

Explaining the reasons for adding this route to its tour itineraries, Ethio Cycling Holidays Operations Manager Samuel Abraha said: “New roads for cycling are opening up all the time here. This is an exciting ride which allows cyclists to ride down into the Afar region and then loop back into Tigray. It’s a challenging ride, but can be completed within one day for cyclists based in Mekelle.”

The new route features within a 10-day itinerary for serious cyclists. ECH hopes to introduce tourists to the ride once current travel restrictions imposed by COVID-19 have been lifted.