Taking the lead from both national and regional governments in Ethiopia, Ethio Cycling Holidays has adopted a serious approach for addressing health and safety issues in the new COVID-19 era.

Working with its airline and hotel partners the company has prepared a COVID-19 briefing paper for clients outlining measures that have been introduced to enhance client safety and which also align with standardised global health and hygiene protocols. By putting client safety at the centre of their services, ECH has been granted a Global Safety Stamp produced by the World Travel and Tourism Council.

Speaking about the need for clear communication with its clients, ECH Sales Manager Richard Nerurkar described the briefing document as a way of building confidence for prospective clients as international travel resumes. “The pandemic has inevitably made us and the whole of our industry rethink the way we deliver tours. We are hopeful that our safety measures will provide reassurance to our clients that we are serious about keeping them safe on their travels and limiting the spread of the virus.”