The Tigray Tourism Bureau, the government organ responsible for travel and tourism within the regional state of Tigray in northern Ethiopia, has announced that all quarantine requirements have been lifted for those arriving at Mekelle airport with evidence of a negative COVID-19 negative test taken within 5 days of arrival. The bureau which held meetings in Axum last week to deliberate over this policy also stated that tourist hotels in the region had been given instructions about hygiene protocols for welcoming back guests to their establishments.


In taking this step, the region comes into line with regulations which came into effect in Addis Ababa at the end of last month. The decision for the reopening of tourism in Tigray had been delayed due to the regional elections that were held throughout Tigray on 9th September 2020.


Last week many of the restrictions which had been enforced in Tigray to fight the pandemic were also relaxed. Minibuses and buses are now allowed to carry full loads of passengers; early closing has been removed from cafes, restaurants and bars; and the wearing of masks is now mandatory only in government offices.


Those who test positive will be required to self-isolate either at a private hotel at the individual’s own expense or at one of the government’s designated areas in Mekelle.