A group of over fifty participants have just returned to Addis Ababa at the end of a spectacular 5-day tour over the long Timkat (Ethiopian Epiphany) weekend in the breathtaking Jamma River gorge.

The multi-activity tour which was brought together through a collaboration among four tour operators including Ethio Cycling Holidays included rides along escarpment tops, runs and hikes out to waterfalls past groups of Gelada baboons.

“Thanks for such a lovely weekend and for finding this secret spot for us all to enjoy”, wrote Libby, one of the tour participants. “You did a fantastic job in creating an event that appealed to so many people with different interests.”

At the end of the tour the participants cycled from one of their campsites to the ancient monastery of Zena Markos where they were invited for lunch by the local community. Later in the day they took part in the traditional Timkat festivities at the nearby Abo Mangudo church.

More pictures here.