Cycling in Ethiopia

Our tours start and finish in Mekelle in northern Ethiopia, the centre of road cycling in Ethiopia. In this part of Ethiopia many of the tarmac roads are new, passing through dramatic scenery full of ancient history with traditions that date back thousands of years.

The cliffs of the Gheralta Mountains, for example, hide rock-hewn churches which have existed for over fourteen hundred years. On your tour you have the option of visiting some of these churches.

“Stunning landscapes, tough climbs, majestic descents, fantastic food, and warm receptions from local communities.” Phil L

You will be cycling at altitude and in warm sunshine. The routes take in lots of hills, so although we accommodate different cycling paces you need to be fit and in good health to enjoy your riding. Our clients always tell us how good we are at looking out for every rider in the group.

Moreover, the roads in Tigray are incredibly quiet. With less than ten cars owned by every 1000 people in Ethiopia – and even less in Tigray – the country has one of the lowest per capita figures anywhere in the world. (Most European countries are around 500, and USA is over 900!) Some of our clients say that you see more donkeys and camels on the road than cars!

Late September to mid-June in the Ethiopian Highlands is ideal for road cycling: dry, sunny and warm. Daytime temperatures are between 20°C and 30°C, and because of the altitude it cools down to around 5°C–10°C in the evening, ideal for sleeping.

“The support team are professional in every way! Skilled in all aspects of active travel and with a real heart for service, their assistance made cycling in Ethiopia a trip of a lifetime.” Steve H