Supporting young cyclists

One of our aims in developing our work is to support young local cyclists in Ethiopia.

We believe that we are well placed to do this because of our contact with some of the best young cyclists in Ethiopia. We also have the means to coach and advise young riders on their way towards national and international races.

Our ECH cycling team has been set up by Tsgabu Grmay who will have direct control over the team’s management, its coaches and cyclists. The team currently consists of 6 young male cyclists aged from 14 to 17 years. In the future we hope to add 6 young female riders.

In creating this team our goal is to provide more opportunities for young riders to compete in national races and to open up chances to become professional cyclists representing Ethiopia in international competitions.

30% of the profits of Ethio Cycling Holidays will go to supporting this team.

“I see so much talent in young Ethiopian cyclists. Now we have to create opportunities for that talent to develop.” Tsgabu Grmay