What will I see?

Our tours start and finish in Mekelle, the capital city of Ethiopia’s northern province and the centre of road cycling in Ethiopia. This part of Ethiopia is full of ancient history with traditions that date back thousands of years.

Within easy reach of the roads on which you will be cycling are churches hidden away in the cliffs that date back fifteen hundred years. You will also get to see the first mosque to be built in Africa in the 7th century and the famous stellae in Axum, symbols of its ancient empire.

Our cycling routes pass through three sets of mountains. To the north of Mekelle are the Adwa Mountains and the Gheralta Mountains. To the south are more remote mountains leading to Lake Ashenge and the town of Korem, that have figured large in Ethiopia’s recent history.

You will also come up close with ordinary people in rural settings. The people of Ethiopia are known for their hospitality and their respect for other people. As a tourist you will experience this as you ride through and make stops in local towns and villages.

“Ethiopia surpassed all my expectations. Incredible roads, big landscapes, breath-taking scenery, and people with smiles and soul in abundance.” Scott T