What’s it like?

We organise tours in Ethiopia’s dry season which runs from late September to early June. This means that it’s a perfect destination for a winter cycling holiday. Whether you come in October, January or April, you will be cycling in warm sunshine. Daytime temperatures are between 20°C and 30°C, and because of the altitude it cools down to around 10°C in the evening, ideal for sleeping.

You will also be cycling at altitude, so you will need to be reasonably fit to do the rides. However, the altitude is not extreme and most of our clients tell us that they just end up riding a bit more slowly, particularly up the hills.

The roads of Tigray where you will be cycling are generally very quiet. Ethiopia has one of the lowest cars per capita figures anywhere in the world (less than 10 per thousand of the population), and in Tigray this figure is even lower. Some of our clients say that you see more donkeys and camels on the road here than cars!

Our cycling routes pass through dramatic mountain landscapes. You will be cycling on good quality tarmac roads, many built in the past ten years. Perhaps not surprisingly, there are lots of hills, but we operate by the mantra that nobody gets left behind. We accommodate a wide range of cycling abilities and our clients always tell us how good we are at looking out for every rider in the group.

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“The Gheralta Mountains are a superb location for cycling: great views, empty roads and super-friendly locals.” Helen C