Why Ethiopia?

Although barely known to the outside world, cycling has been a big sport in Ethiopia for the past sixty years.

At the Olympic Games in Melbourne in 1956 Geremew Denboba led a team of four Ethiopian riders as the first Ethiopian cyclists to compete at the Olympics. Denboba himself finished 25th in the Olympic Road Race won by the Italian Ercole Baldini.

Cycling in Ethiopia is still a big sport in certain parts of Ethiopia today, and particularly so in Mekelle where we are based. When you come and ride with us, we will introduce you to local riders who are trying to make their way in the sport.

Beyond the world of cycling, in recent years Ethiopia has opened itself up impressively to international trade and tourism. Ethiopia’s Nobel Peace Prize-winning Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has won international praise for his leadership and progressive style of government. The country’s fast-growing economy has been one of Africa’s success stories. Over the past decade Ethiopian Airlines has established itself as Africa’s most profitable airline and with a flight time of 6-7 hours is connected directly to 15 European cities where the time difference is just two or three hours.

Ethiopia also has a rich history and is a country of stunning and varied landscapes. By cycling with us you will get a glimpse into Ethiopia’s ancient Christian heritage that continues to influence contemporary life and culture; you will also be blown away by the beauty of the scenery.

Whether you come just for the cycling or have time to add on other excursions before or after your cycling, you will discover a country like no other in the world giving you experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime.

“We spent a fantastic week with Sammy, Muli and the team from Ethio Cycling as they showed us this wonderful part of the world.” Jon M