Add-on excursions

Many of our clients are interested in doing additional excursions before or after their cycling tour.

We have good contacts with hotels, drivers, guides and other agents in Ethiopia and will be happy to design an extended itinerary for you and make arrangements for your entire stay in Ethiopia.

There are three other places in the north of Ethiopia that we particularly recommend as add-on trips that can be easily combined with your cycling tour:

Danakil Depression

The Danakil Depression in the Afar region is a place like no other – beautiful and harsh at the same time. Mekelle is the obvious starting point for this trip and through our local agent we can arrange for you to join a group tour. The highlights of the trip are the colourful salt lakes at Dallol and the active volcano at Erte Ale. Food and accommodation is included in this package, but prepare for basic levels of accommodation and hygiene, and extreme heat. Temperatures can rise to around 50C in the hottest season from June to August.


Lalibela, Ethiopia’s most famous place of pilgrimage, houses eleven rock-hewn churches built between the seventh and thirteenth centuries and traditionally dated to the great 12th-century Zagwe King Lalibela. The easiest way of travelling to Lalibela after your cycling is either by plane from Axum or on an 8-hour journey by car from Mekelle. If you like hiking, there are some nice day trips to churches in the surrounding area and we can also arrange for you to do an extended walking holiday in the Lasta Mountains.


Gonder is best known for its 17th-century Fasilidas Castle, the Debre Birhan Selassie Church and the Bathing Pool of King Fasilidas used at the annual Epiphany festival. You should also try to have lunch at the popular Four Sisters Restaurant in town. Gonder is also a great starting point for a trip into the Simien Mountains National Park either as a day’s excursion or for an extended hiking trip. There are daily flights operating between Gonder and Lalibela and twice daily flights between Addis Ababa and Gonder.