Bespoke tours

We specialise in creating bespoke tours around the needs and interests of a range of cycling groups, whether you are a group of friends keen to explore Ethiopia together or a group of riders from a local cycling club.

All our tours are thoughtfully designed to cater for your specific needs and based on how serious you are about your cycling. Our priority is to help you enjoy your cycling and get the most out of your time in Ethiopia.

“Thank you for your perfect organisation and the personal way in which you managed our tour. Every ride, every visit, every meal was carefully thought out and were special moments for me.” Jorg H

Some of our itineraries also include add-on trips to famous historical sites in Ethiopia. We have good contacts with hotels and local guides throughout Ethiopia and will be happy to design an extended itinerary for your entire stay in Ethiopia.

When we design itineraries, we think carefully about both safety and enjoyment. Once your cycling tour begins, we give daily briefings about the route and the places where we will stop along the way. We go to great lengths to make sure that everyone in the group has a good expectation of each ride. During the rides your drivers and guides always try to alert you to any features where extra attention is required.

We always recommend that you ride with a local cycling guide. Cyclists are well-known in Tigray and respected by the public, and cycling is understood here as part of the fabric of life. Because we are cyclists and have a close rapport with local people, you too are likely to be welcomed here as a cyclist and treated with respect.

“It was the most amazing riding. Somehow a sense of calm descended on me. I can’t stop thinking about every aspect of it. It made me so happy.” John-Paul F